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Indy Dancers Inc. (501c)

PO Box 2106

Indianapolis IN 46206

Since 1983

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Indy Dancers Club -  - General Info, Schedule Updates, Leave Message Please.

CLICK TO CALL Indy Dancers at 317-767-5665

President and DanceCast show Host - Rhonda Bennett

Vice President Entertainer DJ and tech advice - Don Mindach(317) 636-6220 (9am to 5pm EDT) -

DJ Doug Clark - Award winning (Chicago) Dance Cast host & Club DJ. -

(630) 879-6136

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DJ Services & Show Information Call us Now at +1 (317) 636-6220


Indy Dancers - DanceCast Show - Info:
Since 2020 (Covid-19) We have offered Fun Music for Dancers by Dancers in Podcast format "IndyDancers DanceCast" (2021 & 2023 Award winning "Original Unaffiliated" Show) - From the hundreds of suggestions sent to us by Original Artists, Entertainers, DJs, and Show fans. each week we select the very best arrangements especially edited for dancing "just for the fun of it"! Focusing on FUN music mixes selected and arranged for Swing, Ballroom, Line Dance and Country, and free style dance & Fun. Designed to lift the sprits and get you off the couch.

Radio Show (Podcast) Listen Now

Music and commentary (Jokes) to make you smile Swing Dance (all styles), Cha Cha, Rumba, and American Ballroom in a fun and Live format (7 to 9pm EST -5) from Indianapolis Indiana USA. Indy Dancers is a 501c FUN dance club.

Show Hosts

Regular hosts Don & Rhonda and (Last Sunday monthly) Doug Clark make you smile with a fun format that will keep you dancing "Just for the fun of it". (317) 767-5665 or for more information. "Voted Best Original Unaffiliated 2021 & 2023 Show" Available 24/7 or Live on Sunday nights at 7pm (EDT).


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 Non profit Club in Indianapolis Indiana

"Just for the fun of it" - since 1983


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