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Spot or "Swing style" dances.

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Cha-Cha   This is a nice Cha Cha Lesson Notice the posture and hip movement. Most guys just won't do the "Cuban Motion" enough to do this dance correctly. Guys, move them hips!  
Swing (East Coast)

  This is the "Ballroom swing" and the easiest to learn standard swing dance. This is counted (most often)1-2-3, 1-2-3, rock-step.



Video#2 Explains the "1-2-3 (Triple Step) use.

West Coast Swing   New to the swing family of dances. This swing variation has a 6 and 8 count mix (at random) with the Lady have the option to "Hijack" the lead for impromptu stylized moves, making this dance difficult for the beginner to understand. very close to exhibition styling in other dances. ;This dance has many regional variations.  



  Return with us to the "Days of Disco" for some fun up-to-date dancing. But, Seriously this is easy and fun for the beginner and experienced dancers alike.

Watch the video for one of the better examples and a quick intro lesson.


2nd Video has the dance in action.

Lindy (Not East Coast Swing)


  THIS is Lindy Swing. Not ballroom swing. To the non-dancer viewer they look the same but  the count and step is slightly different. This example is missing the side-together-side "shuffle" the ballroom or "East Coast" swing uses.

In a side note, all the leads and turns are the same as other swing style dances.

See East Coast video #2 for more information.

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