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Below you will find our schedule and calendars in PDF format and several money saving dance coupons for the web visitors to use.

All interested in ballroom and swing dancing are welcome to join our 100% non-profit club.

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Indy dancers road trip and Indiana dance fun at "Mikes Dance Barn" in nashville Indiana.

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Indy Dancers - is a Non-Profit Dance Club from Indianapolis Indiana

Latest Dance Info? Call our "Danceline" (317) 767-5665

All dance information posted here is subject to change without notice, due to weather or other conditions, so please call our "Danceline" for latest info and directions. Most of our events are with a DJ and open to all age dancers (unless otherwise noted.) Dance lessons are also free.   Indy Dancers, and all materials here in are copyright 1983-2007ed 2000 - 2008 by Indy Dancers and Indy Dancers Inc of Indianapolis Indiana. All rights are reserved.

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