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Dance Club Information.


First; A few of the many ways we are a unique Club.

  1. We are a dance club but you don't need know how to dance to come or join. We have about 40+ free group dance lessons per year and the members are encouraged to teach each other new steps. 

  2. Our dances are a mix of Swing (ballroom style), West Coast Swing, Hustle, Cha Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, with some country, and line dancing thrown in for fun (you won't see "Hip Hop" dancing here.)

  3. Our music is special mix of popular upbeat and danceable mostly rock & roll. It is usually  top 40 music from the 40's to today. You are always welcome to bring your favorite song. We will try anything danceable and most of the new music comes from the members.

  4. Indy Dancers is 100% non-profit! Unlike many other groups or clubs, we do not sell anything! No one in our group profits in any way. Your personal information is safe, too!

  5. 85% of the nearly 400 members are single. But we average several marriages a year from members who meet at our dances. The environment is not necessarily a singles dance. It is for everyone. We dance "just for the fun of it".

  6. The age range is 21 to about 70+ with the average member being in their late 40's and 50's. 

  7. We have over 70 events a year and average attendance is approximately 100 per event.

  8. Indy Dancers rents various venues around the city for the club's exclusive use. That means our dances are not open to the general public, which helps provide a safe environment for those attending.

  9. We offer a free or discounted admission pass if you would like provide 30 minutes of "meet and greet" at the door. This is a great way for newcomers to meet members.

  10. In our club (and most other dance clubs), it is very normal for the ladies to ask the guys to dance. Don't be a "wall flower" ladies!

  11. It is customary to dance with everyone, and members and guests should make an effort to dance with the people they don't know, for the fun of it.

  12. No one should monopolize anyone's time. If you have danced with someone once and you don't care to do another, you do not need to explain.; just say "no thank you" when asked again.


Second Important; Things to know before you come to any Indy Dancers event.

(For Members and Non-Members - Conduct Code.)

  1. Keep it fun for everyone! Always be respectful to everyone, no loud, vulgar, disrespectful behavior is ever tolerated.

  2. Don't be jealous, if you bring a date to an event, wife, husband, or whatever, they will be asked to dance. So just relax, it is just in good fun and not a "pick up" and what is expected in a dance club. It is encouraged to dance with as many new people as possible.

  3. The music is ever changing, so if you come to the door and hear country music, don't decide we are a country dance club and leave. The next set might include disco, Latin or songs by Elvis, Madonna, Santana, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, or your favorite. We will play anything danceable.

  4. *Members first; You don't have to be a member to come but, if you come more than once you, can save by joining. But the main rule is to have fun! Note, Indiana State laws are in play as to how many times you can come to our events as a non-member without jeopardizing our not-for-profit status. Come once or twice before you decide, but If you like us please apply to join. *See Indiana Guest laws (Bottom of this page).

  5. No one is permitted to distribute anything at our events, so leave the fliers, pass outs, yard signs, billboards, politics, religion, and commercial messages (for anything) someplace else. Indy Dancers is meant to be a fun escape from the commercial trappings. (Also, it considered bad form to ask the judge, doctor, or mechanic you are dancing with to help you with free advice. Please let them have a night off.

  6. Come to "Party" -  Your favorite aunt is getting a divorce, so you need to tell everyone. Please don't do it at our events. Our evenings are "parties" and you would not want to spread bad news, or rumors at a wedding reception, (or other special occasions). Our club "dance parties", are meant to be FUN escapes from the trappings of everyday life. Don't be the "stinker" that spreads bad news (even if it is true, and often it is not) at our parties. If something must be known, tell the club officers first and then those involved privately, and discreetly, preferably at  the end of the evening. Do not spoil the mood for everyone attending by your need to "spread the word" and see the reaction. It is best to call them later, if necessary. We have had evenings ruined by mistakes, don't "spread the word" at Indy Dancers, you might be asked to leave.

  7. Normal dance rules apply: "Line of Dance" is counter clockwise around the perimeter of the floor for "smooth dances" like the Waltz, Foxtrot, 2-Step, Polka, and some country dances. Inside the circle for stationary dances (Swing, Hustle, Cha-Cha, West-coast Swing and others), this leaves the edge for open for progressive (smooth) ballroom style dances and everyone is then happy.

  8. Though we charge door admission, the cost is kept to just enough to cover expenses, with the goal of making it affordable for everyone to come and enjoy the fun of Indy Dancers as often as possible. You can work at the door for 1/2 hour to cover your admission in most cases.

  9. Outside food or drinks are not permitted at most of our events and venues. Sorry, but unless it is advertised as a "pitch in" don't bring food or drink (even water). We must purchase the refreshments from our host venue. Never BYOB (bring you own beer, booze) just don't bring it. If adult beverages are available, you may purchase them from our host venue only under their State license. (above is strictly enforced!)

  10. Event Times; Please don't come "too early" unless your intend to help with the event setup. Thirty minuets before is ok, but anything before this is a hindrance to setup efforts.

  11. Preserve the Club. Indy Dancers has been in existence for over 30 years with this format. Come prepared to enjoy a fun evening of dancing, but please don't try to commercialize us for your own gain.

  12. You must keep in mind you represent Indy Dancers Inc. (even non-members attending). We are guests at our many venues, so you are expected to respect the venue's staff, be it waiter/waitress, cook or bartender. Tipping is always expected, as well as drink purchases. Without this normal business activity, these venues will not stay in business. Your door admission does not completely cover their operational costs, so it must be made up with profits in beverage sales. So if you like coming to the dances, please buy a beverage and tip well. If you see a problem, tell someone in charge of the club, THEY will handle it. Don't take it on yourself.

  13. Do not add wax, powder or add anything to the dance floors on you own. If you think it is "sticky" (called "slow" by dancers in the know), tell someone in charge. Spot treating the floor with powder is a sure way to hurt someone. Leather or suede-soled dance shoes can be ruined by oil based powders. If something needs be done, let someone treat the whole floor evenly, with the venue's permission.

  14. You have the right to have fun dancing at our events.. Which means; You are protected from the ranting of others. 'Free Speech' is great, but everyone else just wants to dance, so don't expect, or demand an audience for your cause, at one of our dances. An "open forum is not our purpose, and others won't like you for taking away from their evening out. You may be asked to take your cause elsewhere.


Third; Dance Dress and Event Dress code.

  1. Normal dress is  evening casual or business casual  unless it is a costume party or a formal (black tie) evening.  Dancewear is also worn occasionally. Appropriate wear for the men includes a suit, sport coat, Dockers or dress pants, nice jeans, and a collared shirt. For ladies, a dress, skirt, slacks, or designer jeans, are considered normal attire..

  2. Dance or leather soled shoes are recommended to protect the dance floors. Some types of shoes with soles that could damage or mar the dance floor will be not be allowed.

The Indy Dancers officers  determine proper attire and proper conduct. Soliciting for anything (outside of Indy Dancer official or unofficial club events), is strictly prohibited. the list here is just an over view and is not in any way complete.


Notice: Those who fail to adhere to the rules will be asked to leave, and may not be allowed to attend our future events if  the infractions continue. Decisions are made by club officers to keep events fun and members safe and comfortable. Your co-operation is appreciated.



DM 12-2012 rev;c

*  Indiana Club Guest Laws link.



Indy Dancers

Event Privacy Policy



Our events are for members only, but guest are usually welcome. Every effort is made to insure member privacy at all times. Information is not shared with anyone in or outside the club, except in (limited) emergency situations.

Key Regulation Points;

  • Guests are welcome to most events, but identification is required (without a membership card) to be shown at the door. Guest must sign our guest book to be admitted. *All State laws and restrictions are enforced. See link below for more information
  • In most cases "guests" may only attend (three) club events in any year (by State law).
  • Guests and members who attend should know that media collected is the property of the club - Indy Dancers Inc. All use, is restricted, and use is by written permission only.
  • Guest and members by attending, agree to the use (by Indy Dancers Inc) of any media collected with or without their expressed consent, (as it is implied by their door admission), in any way seen fit for the benefit of Indy Dancers Inc.
  • Names, DOB, and other personal information is not to be used in any specific way to preserve privacy as much as possible.  First names and possibly initials may be used to identify media in a very general way, without consent or notice to the subjects.

* This pertains to any venues that serve alcoholic beverages. But is is enforced by the State to anyone in attendance and all venues.




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