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Yulia and Scott Shook Teach Indy Dancers Lessons

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Scott & Yulia Shook

are available for Private Lessons



email:  ninedance03@yahoo.com




The Shook's lesson are not only informative but just plain fun. Scott's lessons are so entertaining, I believe if he was not such a great dance teacher he could have had a career in stand up comedy! - DM

Dance Teachers - Scott and Yuila shook.


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  Hustle, East Coast Swing and Polka Lessons (Sept 2013)  
Waltz Lessons

East Coast Swing Lessons

Rumba Lessons
Cha-Cha Lessons West Coast Swing Lessons Hustle Lessons
Foxtrot Lessons Night Club Two Step Lessons Tango Lessons
Samba, Salsa and Mambo Lessons

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